Principal’s Desk

Education is a promissory enterprise to build up cultural and behavioural pattern among young generations and thereby upbringing them as glorious citizens.God has made the world so resourceful to fulfil the requirements of one and all and proper education is the tool to tap the same for the betterment of mankind and environment. The span of two years spent by a girl child during higher secondary course will be very much decisive in her character formation. The period is also critical in terms of her academic selections aimed to develop a career. This is also a time during which the child is under emotional stress owing to biological and other academic challenges. Hence the need of the hour is a holistic approach catering to the overall challenges of a pupil, offering support to overcome various issues.Team St.Raphael’s believes on personalized approach in dealing with each student offering them care,love and support.We are committed to the challenges ahead and thankful to the parent teacher association for the strong support. We welcome all prospective students and parents and let’s make sincere endeavours for the noble cause of education.